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From Pnrr to bills, dossiers at risk

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Waste, Comieco:

There are many dossiers that could be stopped or slowed down by the various outcomes that a government crisis could have, from the NRP to measures to help families and businesses on bills and fuel. But political fibrillations can also change the fate of other measures under consideration by Parliament. Here is a brief rundown.

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– PNRR: the complex machinery of the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, which is worth a total of 191 billion in funds for Italy, is in a very delicate moment: the rules for many projects are now being passed into the operational phase. 100 objectives will have to be achieved by the end of the year: 45 have already been achieved in the first half, allowing the request for the second installment of 24 billion. But 55 are still missing in the second half of the year. And, if we look at the whole year, the number of ‘quantitative’ objectives is growing: they become 17 from 2 in 2021.

– BILLS AND GASOLINE: the sterilization of 30 cents of excise duties on fuels – from petrol to diesel – expires on 2 August. Then the price, if there are no further interventions, would be ‘full’. They last only until September and therefore the interventions on gas and electricity bills will have to be renewed for the last quarter of the year, which blocked the system charges.

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– IUS SCHOLAE AND CANNABIS: They are very different themes but shared by an identical destiny: they are scheduled for July, without setting a date, for discussion in the Chamber in the Chamber. But the parties that make up the majority are very divided: Lega and Fi are opposed to both the domestic cultivation of cannabis and the possibility that foreign under-18s can apply for Italian citizenship after having attended school classrooms for at least 5 years. Pd and M5s are in favor.

– END OF LIFE AND DOUBLE SURNAME: the law on assisted suicide collected in March the first ok of the House and is now in committee in the Senate where, however, the numbers in favor are more narrow. With a crisis also freezes the possibility of legislating on the double surname as requested by the Constitutional Court which intervened to sanction the possibility of adding the maternal one. The rules to review the life imprisonment impediment, or the prohibition of granting penitentiary benefits to prisoners or inmates who do not collaborate with the justice system, are also on stand-by.

– WEDGE AND 200 EUROS: the support of incomes, to safeguard them from the erosion of inflation which has reached 8%, passes through many instruments that the government has hypothesized to launch by the end of July. The topic on the table is that of the reduction of the tax wedge, that is, of the difference between the gross and net payroll. The hypothesis on the table is that it can come with the budget maneuver and that with the July decree the 200 euro bonus, provided for employees, retirees and self-employed, can be replicated for a second month. Also on the table is the hypothesis of a VAT reduction on increases in the most necessary consumer goods.

– TAX REFORM AND COMPETITION: Parliament is examining some economic measures, which are also important for the purposes of the NRP. The first is the fiscal delegation, for the reform of the tax system which, having overcome the knot of the land registry, is in commission in the Senate. The other is the competition bill now being examined in committee in the House, where the issue of Article 10 on taxis has not yet been resolved.

– MANEUVER AND PENSIONS: among the main issues that a government in the fullness of its powers has to face is the development of the maneuver, expected after the summer, which will have to provide for a decalage of the public debt. It is only after having drawn up the new forecast framework in September that the government can evaluate the interventions to be implemented, both on the wedge front in a structural way, and on that of pensions: in fact Quota 102 expires, as well as the Ape Social and Women’s Option. The latter two mechanisms could be extended, while a new regime is being sought to allow for more flexibility in exit.

Source: Ansa

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