Confindustria, a very uncertain scenario for Italy

Wartsila, Fedriga:

ANSA Lavoro – ROME, JULY 16 – “A very uncertain scenario for Italy, resulting from factors acting in opposite directions”, that is “conflicting forces”. This was revealed by the Confindustria Study Center.

“The dynamics of the Italian GDP is the uncertain synthesis of factors that push in opposite directions. Downward: higher energy and food prices, higher interest rates and a wider sovereign spread, weak international trade. On the upside: the end of the anti-Covid restrictions and the hot season that push tourism, the growth of construction, the resilience of the industry, the accumulated savings that protect consumption “, explains Confindustria, which sees, among other things, too much inflation. high, too long “, with a scenario” getting worse in the eurozone “.

If “until a few months ago, the majority of forecasters expected that the surge in inflation was temporary and that, once the tensions on commodities subsided, a rapid decline would be seen”. Today, in the analysis of the economists of the Confindustria Study Center, who dedicate an in-depth study to the subject, we are faced with a “more persistent inflation”. The economists of via dell’Astronomia underline the “shock absorber role of companies” which have discharged the increase in production costs more on margins than on prices, but warn: “Not forever”, “The attempt of Italian companies to avoiding a further sharp erosion of margins, which would be unsustainable, will spill over into various consumer prices, keeping inflation high “. (HANDLE).

Source: Ansa

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