Stock Exchange: Europe in no particular order, good futures, Milan -0.4%

15 agreements signed between Italy and Algeria, starting with gas (ANSA)

(ANSA) – MILAN, JULY 19 – The main European stock exchanges are moving in no particular order awaiting inflation data in the Eurozone and after an unexpected increase in jobs in the United Kingdom. Madrid gains 0.2%, London drops 0.33% and Milan 0.5%. Frankfurt and Paris are worse off, both down by 0.78%. Positive US futures in view of the building permits, the Redbook on trade and the API advances on weekly crude oil stocks.

With the arrival of the quarterly reports, released today by the truck manufacturer Volvo Ab (-1.66%) and by Novartis (+ 0.4%), the fears of the economic recession are returning to investors, holding back the momentum of the last two sessions . Sales are concentrated on the semiconductor sector from Be (-5.22%) to Stm (-3.09%) and Infineon (-2.47%). Car manufacturers Ferrari (-1.33%), Stellantis (-1.19%) and Mercedes (-1.1%) also suffer, while Volkswagen is resisting (+ 0.16%). Shell oil (-0.62%) and TotalEnergies (-0.67%) were weak, while Eni (+ 0.07%) and Bp (+ 0.18%) held up with crude oil (Wti + 0.43%) at $ 103.4 per barrel) which again stands at over $ 100. The differential between German BTPs and ten-year Bunds (206.5 points) is reported above 206 points, with the Italian annual yield rising by 5.7 to 3.331%. Unicredit continues to run (+ 2%), followed by Bper (+ 0.88%), Banco Bpm (+ 0.63%), Mps (+ 0.45%) and Intesa (+ 0.44%) in Business Square. Purchases Commerzbank (+ 1.23%) in Frankfurt, Sabadell (+ 1.2%) and CaixaBank (+ 1.1%) in Madrid, Lloyds (+ 0.63%) in London and SocGen (+ 0.52%) ) in Paris. (HANDLE).

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