Work: Soumahoro, our rights are rotting in the fields

15 agreements signed between Italy and Algeria, starting with gas (ANSA)

“The census carried out, between October 2021 and January 2022, in the settlements of the laborers is certainly a good thing even if it is very difficult to take a census of invisible and non-existent people for the state. approximate numbers far from reality. For this reason and for many other reasons that we have strongly raised over the years, a serious plan of regularization must be launched to save the people and their rights that are rotting in the fields and along the food chain “.
This was stated by Aboubakar Soumahoro, trade union and social activist, spokesperson for Invisibili in Movimento and President of Lega Braccianti Ets.
“Like the rest, the question does not concern only the so-called ‘informal’ settlements but the totality of the places where human life is suspended, including the ‘formal’ ones wanted by the State itself and which contribute to violating the basic rights of the human being even before the worker or the worker The issue is not a question of ‘seasonal’ workers but a structural one that needs an equally structural response.
Furthermore, the term ‘migrant laborers’, used several times in the Ministry Report, is misleading because it tends to strip the laborers of the dramatic condition of worker and worker (which they share with other Italian laborers) to confine them to a purely migratory environment that risks not to deal holistically with the various challenges of the agricultural and labor supply chain.
Finally, this agricultural supply chain must be profoundly refounded, also to truly combat illegal hiring, by introducing an institutional ethical certification mechanism for food, which is the Food License “.

Source: Ansa

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