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Stock market: positive Europe after Wall Street amid fears about gas and the ECB

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Essilux, Milleri:

(ANSA) – MILAN, JULY 19 – European stock exchanges continue to rise after Wall Street’s positive start. On the markets, fears remain about gas supplies from Russia and about the forthcoming decisions of the ECB on the front of rate hikes. In the Old Continent, Milan jumped (+ 1.5%) where we look at the political situation, in view of Mario Draghi’s communications and the vote of confidence in the Chambers.

The stoxx 600 area index gains 0.5%. Paris and Frankfurt (+ 0.8%), Madrid (+ 1.9%) and London (+ 0.5%) did well. The lists are supported by the car (+ 1.1%) and banks (+ 2.1%) sectors. Utilities are also on display (+ 1%), with the price of gas rising but without particular momentum. In Amsterdam, prices stand at 161 euros per megawatt hour.

Energy is holding up (+ 0.4%), with the price of oil falling.

The WTI drops to 101 dollars a barrel and the Brent to 105 dollars.

Gold also rose slightly and stood at $ 1,713 per ounce (+ 0.2%). On the currency front the euro against the dollar is up to 1.0239 in London. (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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