Wartsila: Fincantieri could stop strategic agreements

Essilux, Milleri:

(ANSA) – TRIESTE, 19 JUL – Fincantieri intends to terminate strategic collaborations for product innovation on green engines with Wartsila, not believing that it will be able to continue the partnership with the Finnish group. The CEO would have said so. di Fincantieri, Gianroberto Folgiero, according to what Ansa learns, during a meeting held this morning between the leaders of the two groups, urged by Fincantieri, following the Wartsila dispute followed by the government and the institutions of Friuli Venezia Giulia.

During the meeting, from what was leaked, the CEO of Fincantieri Pierroberto Folgiero would have remarked an “extremely resolute position” expressing “extreme disappointment” for the situation.

In addition to the one described, there would be another issue on the table: Fincantieri would have proposed its intention to evaluate all legal, contractual and non-contractual actions, to protect its own interests. The reference is to the orders assigned to the Wartsila plant in San Dorligo della Valle and to the expected delivery plan.


Source: Ansa

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