Stock market: bright close Asia, good futures, Tokyo + 2.67%

Essilux, Milleri:

(ANSA) – MILAN, JULY 20 – Brilliant closing for the main stock exchanges in Asia and the Pacific in the wake of Western markets with the dollar further decreasing against the main currencies. Tokyo gained 2.67%, Taiwan 0.27%, Seoul 0.67% and Sydney 1.65%. Hong Kong (+ 1.47%), Shanghai (+ 0.72%) and Mumbai (+ 1.24%) are still open. Futures on Europe and Wall Street are up, after the slowdown in producer prices in Germany in June and pending mortgage applications and home sales in the US. Crude oil is down (WTI -1.34% to 102.82 dollars a barrel) after the preliminary data on US inventories, which grew more than estimates, in view of the final forecast for today. Gas continues to rise (+ 1.65% to € 157 per MWh in Amsterdam), on the day the EU announces the plan to cut consumption, while metals move in random order after the jump on the eve of the day. Copper loses 2% to 7,277 dollars a ton, while iron (+ 0.15% to 669 dollars a ton) and steel (+ 0.03% to 3,815 dollars a ton) hold. The dollar fell to 1.024 against the euro, to 1.2 against the pound. The exchange rate against the yen remained stable at 138.25 Japanese units per greenback. On the Tokyo market are the exporters Honda (+ 2.97%), Bridgestone (+ 2.89%), Toyota (+ 0.78%), Sony (+ 4.214%) and Nikon (+ 4.42%). The banking giant Nomura did well (+ 1.33%). (HANDLE).

Source: Ansa

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