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Stock market: Europe sluggish, quarterly expectations and Fed, Milan -0.4%

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VAT down for bread and pasta, discussion with the social partners (ANSA)

(ANSA) – MILAN, JULY 26 – European stock exchanges little moved on the eve of the Fed’s decision on rates, with a possible increase of 75 basis points, while the quarterly season continues. The differential between German BTPs and ten-year Bunds rose to 227.5 points, with the Italian annual yield down by 0.7 basis points to 3.266%. US futures were negative pending prices and home sales, consumer confidence, the manufacturing index of the Richmond Fed and the service sector index of the Dalls Fed. Advances from the American Petroleum Institute (API) on weekly crude oil stocks are also on the way.

US crude oil rises (Wti + 1.89% to 98.53 dollars a barrel) along with Brent from the North Sea (+ 1.83% to 107.07 dollars), while gas accelerates in the Amsterdam market (+4 , 03% to 183.74 euros per MWh) and in London (+ 7.26% to 343.75 pence per Mbtu), where it approaches 3.5 pounds.

The quarterly accounts EasyJet (+ 1.36%), Unilever (+ 2.58%) and Logitech (-3.93%) have released, while Michelin (-1.39%) has yet to announce them, with effects also on Pirelli (-1.53%). Also coming today are those of LVMH and, from the USA, of Microsoft, Mc Donald’s and Gm.

Banks from Intesa are down (-1.88%) two days before the accounts, which will instead release Unicredit tomorrow (-1.19%). A minus sign also for Sabadell (-1.53%), Bbva (-1.32%) and Bnp (-1.2%).

Commerzbank unchanged, NatWest up slightly (+ 0.3%). In the automotive field, Renault (-1.14%), Volkswagen (-1.21%), Mercedes (-1.14%) and Ferrari (-1.11%) are down. Little move Stellantis (-0.37%). Purchases of BP oil (+ 1.53%) and Shell (+ 1.15%), more cautious TotalEnergies (+ 0.46%) and Eni (+ 0.58%). (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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