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Sant’Anna, Nonino: ‘Positive initiative, both as a spur to the Government’

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Ford Italia, with DHL 'green' deliveries on E-Transit (ANSA)

“Very positive, fantastic, we hope it can spur the Government to implement the tax-free amount of the 250 euro bonus”. This is the comment by Elisabetta Nonino, from the Friulian family of distillers, on the initiative of the entrepreneur Alberto Bertone who decided to pay an additional monthly salary to the two hundred employees of Acqua Sant’Anna to cope with the increase in the cost of living .
For Nonino, which employs 38 employees, plus about twenty seasonal workers, with a large majority of women, awards to its employees are a consolidated habit. But – underline in Percoto (Udine) – this often clashes with the fiscal mechanism whereby a one-off premium of one thousand euros corresponds to about half in the paycheck, especially in some months of the year.
“The tax-free bonus of around 250 euros is not adequate – specifies Elisabetta Nonino – it is the correspondent of the old 500 thousand lire. But the 250 euros certainly do not have the same purchasing power as they had 500 thousand lire in the 1990s. Therefore it should be recalculated and raised to at least one thousand euros. It happened temporarily last year, because there was Covid but only for an amount of 500 euros “.

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Source: Ansa

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