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Foreign trade: Istat, exports down in June, quarter + 6.8%

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Ford Italia, with DHL 'green' deliveries on E-Transit (ANSA)

(ANSA) – ROME, JUL 28 – Istat estimates in June a strong economic increase for imports (+ 8.6% from May) and a slight decline for exports (-1.5%) in data on trade with non-EU countries27. On an annual basis, exports to the area grew by 21% (it was + 26.1% in May) and imports by 73.7% with energy marking + 215.1%.

In the second quarter, compared to the previous quarter, exports grew by 6.8%, the increase, spread to all groups, is very strong for energy (+ 64.8%). In the same period, imports showed a 15% economic upturn, to which the strong increase in energy purchases (+ 30.8%) contributed for two thirds.

“After the increases of the previous five months, in June 2022 there was a slight economic decline in exports to non-EU countries, which is however conditioned by occasional high-impact operations (shipbuilding) recorded in May, net of which the the decline is reduced to a modest -0.1%. In the second quarter, the economic trend is very positive “, comments Istat. (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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