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Tax: by 8 August 2021 installments, scrapping and balance and excerpt

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A few more days to pay the installments of the “Scrapping-ter” and “Balance and excerpt” originally due in 2021. The deadline, established by the law converting the Sostegni-ter decree (Law no.
25/2022), is set for July 31, 2022 but, in consideration of the 5-day grace period granted by law, payments made by August 8th will be considered valid. The decree defined new terms to comply with the payments of the facilitated definition of the bills with the possibility, for taxpayers in compliance with the payments of the installments due in the years 2019 and 2020, to make use, for the installments that were foreseen in the 2021, of this new deadline and maintain the facilities provided. The Revenue-Collection Agency reminds us of this.
Payment must be made using the bulletins already sent by the Revenue Agency-Collection and referring to the original due dates of the 2021 installments (February, May, July and November for the “Scrapping-ter”; March and July for the “Balance and excerpt” ) which can also be requested on the website www.agenziaentrateriscossione.gov.it. In case of payments after the deadline or for partial amounts, the benefits of the subsidized measure will cease to exist and the payments already made will be considered as an advance on the sums due.
Please note that Law no. 25/2022 has also defined new terms for the payment of the installments of the facilitated definition envisaged in 2022, with the possibility of maintaining the facilities if the payment is made by next November 30th.

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Source: Ansa

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