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    There is only one clue: when Russia will be able to certify Nord Stream 2

    “Today” together with the expert we figured out what is needed for certification of Nord Stream 2 and when he will receive a work permit

    How long does it take to certify Nord Stream 2 / Photo: Collage: Today

    The construction of the Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, which is notorious for Ukraine, was officially completed on September 10.

    Since then, the whole world has been waiting for the project to be certified, allowed to be put into operation and given such permission in general.

    “Today” we were figuring out when Nord Stream 2 can go through all the legal procedures and what is needed for this.

    Why Nord Stream 2 hasn’t been certified yet

    The construction of the Russian gas pipeline began in 2018, even then the project was called controversial.

    Poland and the Baltic countries immediately opposed him, and Russia diligently convinced Europe that this pipe was extremely important to them.

    And then a whole series of sanctions came against the operator of the project.

    First, the United States did it in 2019, the following sanctions were imposed in connection with the poisoning of opposition leader Alexei Navalny by the Kremlin.

    All these processes slowed down the construction and certification of Nord Stream 2, the launch of which Russia announced almost every month.

    What they say in the EU

    However, Gazprom is now closer to certification of the pipeline than ever before.

    The European Commission said in mid-September that it would take at least two months to certify the gas pipeline, and then the procedure could be extended.

    This was stated by the representative of the European Commission Vivian Lunela and noted that the procedure will begin when the regulator receives a request.

    “When the European Commission receives this request, it will have two months to provide an answer. And this period may be further extended, but this is a completely different procedure,” Lunela said.

    Economist and financial analyst Alexey Kushchnotes that certification of Nord Stream 2 will require from 4 to 6 months.

    “There are certain technical regulations that need to be implemented, and it is clear that this will happen either at the end of this year, or at the beginning of the next,” says Kushch.

    According to the expert, there are already relevant decisions that Nord Stream 2 meets the interests of the European Union.

    “The main obstacles have been removed, there is a small clue that one of the US senators is blocking certain appointments and, in order to unblock them, demands sanctions against the project operator,” says the economist.

    What the USA will do

    According to the economist, this demand is unlikely to be met, and Biden and Putin during the meeting agreed that the United States would not obstruct Nord Stream 2.

    Aleksey Kushch notes that the technical and legal readiness of a gas pipeline is two different concepts, and without certification, it has no right to work, even when it is completely ready.

    But the senior adviser to the US State Department Amos Hochstein believes that for certification of the gas pipeline it is necessary at least 6-7 months.

    The procedure looks like this:

    • First, the German regulator, which has four months to do this, must confirm that the pipeline meets all the requirements. According to Hochstein, this period began on September 8 and will last until January 8;
    • then the European agencies will have two months to consider this decision and comment on its legitimacy;
    • when these stages are passed, the decision is returned to the regulator and he makes a final conclusion on compliance with the EU Third Energy Package.

    The State Department also assured that the gas pipeline will be launched only when it meets all the requirements of the energy package.

    Earlier, analyst Alexei Luponosov said in his commentary to Segodnya that the gas pipeline would not be able to help Europe this winter, since it could only achieve well-coordinated work at the end of the heating season.

    “Even if we assume that the impossible has happened and Nord Stream 2 has received a permit to work right now, the first consumption from this gas pipeline will be possible no earlier than in February or at the end of January,” the expert says.

    For more details on what the expert said about the importance of Nord Stream 2 for Russia and how it will affect the exchange gas prices in Europe, read our material.


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