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    Faced with soaring gas and electricity prices, the success of wood heating

    Maud Descamps, edited by Ugo Pascolo
    8:25 a.m., October 14, 2021

    Faced with the increase in gas and electricity prices, wood seems to be a solution favored by more and more French people for heating while saving money. Since the end of 2019, sales of wood stoves and boilers have increased by 150%.

    Heating with wood to save money. While the price of gas, boosted by insufficient supply, has soared to historic records, driving electricity prices, sales of wood or pellet stoves and boilers are on the rise. Between the end of 2019 and the beginning of 2021, sales increased by more than 150%. An increase which can be explained on the one hand by state aid to replace old fuel oil boilers, but also because of the surge in gas and electricity prices.

    Half the price of electricity

    A finding that is confirmed in the field, since the economy is one of the main reasons put forward by people who opt for this type of device, confirms a boiler operator at Europe 1. And just take a look at the prices in order to to understand the craze for this noble material: heating with wood costs 0.7 cents of kw / h, against 15 cents for electricity. At a time when, as Europe 1 revealed, fuel poverty is rampant, paying half the price for heating seems to be a good argument.

    A very stable price

    However, it is another facet of the price of wood and pellets that seduces the French. “It has been ultra stable for 20 years”, observes at the microphone of Europe 1 Eric Vial, president of the French union of Boilerists Biomasse. “We have an energy which, occasionally, will be able to have a little overheating linked to the economic situation, like a harsh winter. But we are on an evolution of less than 1% increase per year on average over the last 20 years . “

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