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    141 thousand UAH for 15 kopecks. Soviet coins are offered to Ukrainians for huge money

    A bronze coin of 1937, with a denomination of 3 kopecks, is sold for great money, and for another, with the same denomination, but in 1952, they ask for much less

    Prices differ even for coins of the same denomination / Photo: Collage: Today

    Numismatists are auctioning Soviet coins for several thousand dollars. It turned out that the most common coins in the past are very valuable and do not correspond to their denomination at all.

    The Violity auction features coins of different denominations and values.

    What is offered at the auction?

    A 1937 bronze coin with a denomination of 3 kopecks is sold for $ 13,390 (UAH 353,130). And for another coin, with the same denomination, but in 1952, they ask for much less – 1600 dollars or 42 350 hryvnias.

    / Photo: screenshot

    20 kopecks 1931 and 1935 cost about the same. For the first coin, they ask for $ 2,984 (UAH 78,698), and for the second – $ 2,858 (UAH 75,373). The 1931 sample is made from billon. And the 1935 coin is made of a copper-nickel alloy, the seller indicates that it is the only test coin in the world that was made in 1935 in such an alloy.

    / Photo: screenshot

    / Photo: screenshot

    And for 15 kopecks in 1932 they ask 5300 dollars or 141 thousand hryvnias. The coin is made of brass. Although it has been in circulation and is not in perfect condition, it is expensive.

    / Photo: screenshot

    Silver 1 ruble of 1922 costs 2600 dollars at auction (69 thousand hryvnias)

    / Photo: screenshot

    Commemorative coins in Ukraine

    On the occasion of the Independence Day of Ukraine, the National Bank put into circulation four commemorative coins – not only from nickel silver with a denomination of 5 hryvnias, which appeared on August 10, but also from gold and silver. Coins from the series “Revival of Ukrainian Statehood” appeared on 17 August.

    The following commemorative coins were introduced into circulation:

    • 1 hryvnia denomination of silver, circulation 15,000 pieces;
    • with a denomination of 10 hryvnia from silver, circulation of 3000 pieces;
    • with a denomination of 50 hryvnia from silver, circulation of 500 pieces;
    • with a denomination of 250 hryvnia of gold, circulation up to 400 pieces.

    As we wrote earlier, at the end of July, a commemorative coin with a horse came into circulation. Also recently, the NBU was reminded what to do with small coins that have already gone out of circulation.


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