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INPS: pre-filled ISEE arrives, simpler certification

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From today it will be easier to obtain the ISEE thanks to the data pre-compilation procedure: INPS announces this with a note recalling the provision signed on 1 August between the general director of INPS Vincenzo Caridi and the director of the Revenue Agency Ernesto Maria Ruffini.
“The new ISEE pre-compilation method, which joins the traditional one, we read, considerably simplifies the ISEE release process, as the automatic loading of data by the Inland Revenue excludes the hypothesis, to now frequent, with a negative outcome of the preliminary check for errors in entering the matching data and relieves the declarant of the burden of providing them “.
With the simplified procedure, the declarant, after having accessed the pre-filled single self-certification, can choose to use the new digital method, which requires authorization with Spid from the adult members of the nucleus to obtain the pre-compilation of their data and thus obtain the pre-compilation of the income and equity data of the DSU.
The pre-filled data must be accepted or modified by the declarant within three months of their receipt. For the path to follow, INPS makes specific tutorials available on the website www.inps.it within the ISEE portal.
“A further step forward in the concrete synergies that the Institute is carrying out to facilitate interaction between citizens and the public administration” said Vincenzo Caridi, Director General of INPS.

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Source: Ansa

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