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Stock Exchange: Milan improves (+ 0.6%) with Europe and half-yearly

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Antitrust, 14 car manufacturers modify offers (ANSA)

(ANSA) – MILAN, AUGUST 03 – European stock exchanges consolidate their rises after the conclusion of the visit of the speaker of the American House, Nancy Pelosi, to Taiwan, in the wake of the fading of investors’ concern for a new outbreak of tension on the geopolitical scenario .

Milan, London and Paris are up by 0.4%, Frankfurt by 0.7% while futures are also positive in New York, with the main Wall Street indexes up by 0.6%. Oil is running, with WTI above $ 96 a barrel and Brent just a breath away from 102 after OPEC + ‘s decision to increase production by just 100,000 barrels a day in September while gas is bending in Amsterdam, with futures down 1% to 203 euros per megawatt hour.

The BTP-Bund spread, in this climate of cautious optimism, drops to 219 points (-4 basis points), even if the yield of the Italian ten-year is slightly up, to 3.06%, like other government bonds, including US Treasuries, which were affected by the statements of some members of the Fed who indicated that there is still work to be done on rates to curb inflation.

Banco Bpm (+ 4%) and Bper (+ 3.9%) run on the Milanese list, waiting for the accounts to be announced today and tomorrow. Diasorin (+ 4.3%) and Mediolanum (+ 3.1%) did well after the six months, Amplifon advanced by 2.7% and Saipem by 2.4%. Waiting for Tim’s triggered accounts, suspended on the stock exchange in the wake of rumors for a rise in the 2022 outlook. Sales on Interpump (-1.9%) and Stellantis (-1.4%). Tod’s jumped 20.1% to 40.14 euros, just above the price of the offer announced by the Della Valle family.


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Source: Ansa

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