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Stock Exchange: Milan toned with quarterly, badly Saipem

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The holiday home market runs (ANSA)

Piazza Affari and the equity markets of the Old Continent improve slightly pending the launch of Wall Street, whose futures are flat with some marginally positive signals.
At the mid-day mark, Frankfurt rose by 1.1%, Paris and Milan by around one percentage point, with Madrid up by 0.5% and Amsterdam on par. To differentiate the lists above all the quarterly ones in the various European countries, with Lufthansa that in Frankfurt rises by 6% after the accounts.
The spread remains stable at 213 basis points with the 10-year BTP yield at 2.96%. In this context, with an easily variable climate, Piazza Affari sees Prysmian and Diasorin rise by more than 3% among the main stocks, with Generali up by one and a half points. Tim is always weak, after the illustration of the half-year data, and Leonardo who drops by 1.8%. The volatile Saipem slipped, down by 3.7% to € 0.8.
In the lower capitalization basket, Tod’s fluctuates by a few fractions above 40 euros, while Mps rises by 2% after the trade union agreement that sanctions the voluntary exit of 3,500 workers. (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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