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Stock Exchange: Europe weak on growth fears, Milan -0.2%

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Wedge cut, bills and pensions: here are the measures (ANSA)

European stock exchanges are all weak with the area index, the stoxx 600, which loses just under a quarter of a point, A weigh on the energy-related stocks while Gazprom loses almost 4% on the Moex index (-2.33 %) on the difficulties associated with carrying out the work on three turbines in the Nord Stream that the Russian giant attributes to the sanctions imposed on Moscow.
The futures on Wall Street are also negative with the expectation on the labor market figure. The uncertainty of the price lists is then fueled by fears of recession while the ECB is already ready for a further tightening to curb the pressure of inflation. Among the individual squares, Frankfurt loses 0.12% despite German production in June going better than estimates. London shows a drop of 0.12% and Paris of 0.48%. Milan loses 0.21% with the Ftse Mib at 22,598. points. Mps lost 6.7% while Bper rose by 8.8%. The spread between BTP and Bund remains at 211 points with the Italian ten-year yield stable at 2.92%.
On the commodity front, oil with the wti dropped 0.23% to 88 dollars a barrel. Brent futures are down 0.13% to $ 94 a barrel. Gas is flat (-0.05%) and travels at 199 euros per megawatt hour in Amsterdam. For exchange rates, the euro is weak against the dollar and trades at 1.0229 against the greenback. (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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