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Stock Exchange: Europe and Milan weak after US and Wall street data

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Wedge cut, bills and pensions: here are the measures (ANSA)

(ANSA) – MILAN, AUGUST 05 – The flurry of macroeconomic data from the United States and the start of Wall Street have slightly worsened the performance of the equity markets of the Old Continent: the Amsterdam Stock Exchange is the weakest with a drop in 1.2%, followed by Paris (-0.6%), with Milan and Frankfurt down below half a percentage point. London marks a 0.2% filing, with Madrid flat.

Financial markets in Moscow are down by more than 2%, and gas also loses about two percentage points to 194 euros per megawatt hour. Oil fell by more than 1% to 87 dollars a barrel.

The BTP-Bund spread is fairly stable around 209 basis points, with the yield on the Treasury product at 2.97%. In this context in Piazza Affari, among the main stocks, Bper’s 10% run after the accounts stands out, with Pirelli up 3.6% and Unipol up by two percentage points. Positive by more than 1% Tim and Intesa, down in the lower capitalization Illimity basket which drops by more than 5% after the half year.

Always bad Mps (-6% to € 0.41, close to an all-time low) in the wake of the accounts, the new indications on the capital increase and the new claims for damages. Sales on Saras which drops 8% to 1.11 euros also on the weakness of the price of crude oil.

In Frankfurt still tonic Lufthansa which rises by 3% after yesterday’s run on the accounts and waiting for news for the Ita dossier. (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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