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Stock Exchange: Milan sluggish, banks well but Mps slips

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ECB, shadows on growth.  Recession warning from London (ANSA)

(ANSA) – MILAN, AUGUST 05 – Last session of the week slightly negative for the Milan Stock Exchange: the Ftse Mib index closed down 0.26% to 22,586 points, the Ftse All share down 0.35 % at 24,726.

Piazza Affari moved substantially in line with the equity markets of the Old Continent, nervous and uncertain throughout the day, worsening in the final: Amsterdam concluded down 1.2%, followed by Paris and Frankfurt down by 0 , 6%. Flat London (-0.1% final) and Madrid, up by a specular 0.1%. Moscow was weak, down by three percentage points, with the price of gas slightly down: methane closed trading down 1.4% to 196 euros per megawatt hour.

In a context of sharp rise in interest rates on world government bonds after the release of US macroeconomic data and the strengthening of the assumptions of a further tightening by the Fed, the spread between 10-year BTPs and German Bunds has however decreased : the differential ended the day at 206 basis points after starting at 213. The yield on the Treasury product rose sharply, closing at 3.01%.

Among the major stocks in Milan, a great race for Bper: after the accounts disclosed on the eve with a net profit of 1.38 billion in the first half and various indications on Carige, the stock, purchased throughout the day, marked a final increase of 9.7% to 1.57 euros.

Pirelli also did very well (+ 4.3% at the end), with Unipol up by 2.1% and Tim up by 1.8%. Strong also Intesa and Unicredit, both up by 1.7%. Amplifon, on the other hand, fell by 5.3% at the end, while among the ‘minor’ securities, MPS lost 6.7%, close to an all-time low in the wake of the accounts, the new indications on the capital increase and the new requests. for damages. Sales also on Illimity after the accounts (-6.9%) and on Saras, which lost 7.9% also on the weakness of the price of crude oil. (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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