Confartigianato, ‘we ask the parties for a pact of trust’

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A Manifesto for Italy, proposals to build an Italy fit for 4.4 million artisans and SMEs with 10.8 million employees: Confartigianato sent it to all political forces in view of the vote “to solicit a commitment concrete to remove the obstacles that block entrepreneurs and to create the conditions for economic recovery “.
Starting with the tax authorities, because “we pay 32.8 billion more taxes than the eurozone average”.
“To those who are candidates to lead the country – says President Marco Granelli – we ask for a pact of trust to really carry out the essential reforms for development. We ask for crafts and micro and small businesses, which represent 99 , 4% of the productive fabric and employ 64% of the employed, at the center of interventions to relaunch competitiveness and to re-direct attention to those who have shown that they know how to create employment, economic well-being, social cohesion “. In the agenda of priorities indicated by Confartigianato, a large document, divided into 45 pages, detailed point by point, “the request for a simple and light taxation stands out” and reforms are urged: for the efficiency of the bureaucracy, for a job of quality with a “no to the legal minimum wage and yes to citizenship work” and cutting the tax and contribution wedge. The alarm for energy costs is highlighted, electricity and gas costs. And again: environmental sustainability, access to credit, the challenges of the NRP to be achieved “with the full inclusion of micro and small businesses”, as well as green and digital transitions.

Source: Ansa

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