Pnrr: C. Conti, administrative spending difficulties remain

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(ANSA) – ROME, AUGUST 08 – The central government administrations reacted positively to the first impact with the NRP, with the almost total achievement of the objectives set out in the Plan but the attention on its execution remains particularly high and the overall judgment on 2022 it can only take place at the end of the year. This was stated by the Court of Auditors, underlining that “considerable difficulties remain in the spending capacity of individual administrations, demonstrating the fact that greater availability and greater use of resources do not automatically correspond to real development capacities”.

“On the implementation side of the interventions in the territory – the Court found – a rationalization action is required, especially in some areas of the country, which ensures uniformity and homogeneity of supervision and the offer of services, as well as allowing the carrying out of effective controls on the flows of resources and on the achievement of the final objectives.

At the conclusion of the Plan, in order to govern the return to ordinary management without the current, but temporary, availability linked to European resources, it will be essential to guarantee the stabilization of the financial flows destined for administrations, also to avoid the distress of the companies that have calibrated company organization and strategies on the current extent of economic and financial stimuli “. (ANSA).

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