Stock Exchange: Milan fell on closing (-1.05%), down Stm and Stellantis

Scrapping does not hit targets, collections stopped at 18 billion (ANSA)

(ANSA) – MILAN, AUGUST 09 – Piazza Affari (Ftse Mib -1.05% at 22,488 points) closed down on the eve of the inflation data in July. The differential between German BTPs and Bunds fell to 211 points, while the ten-year annual yield rose by only half a basis point to 3.024%. There were few exchanges, limited to 1.35 billion euros in turnover, the lowest in the last 5 sessions, as is normally the case in August. The rise in crude oil (Wti +% in dollars per barrel) has favored above all Saras (+ 5.07%) out of the index of large stocks, and to a lesser extent Tenaris (+ 1.01%) and Eni (+0, 4%).

The minus sign prevailed on the basket of large stocks, with strong sales on Stm (-5.28%), penalized together with the rest of the sector in Europe. Interpump (-4.16%), Pirelli (-3.38%) and Stellantis (-2.54%) are also under pressure, in line with their European rivals. Weak also Ferrrari (-1.8%), Cnh (-1.49%) and Iveco (-1.07%), together with Exor (-2.01%) upstream of the control chain of the former Lingotto .

In no particular order the banks, with Bper (+ 0.81%) up after the reserve of the Genoa court on the appeal of the Malacalza family against a Carige shareholders’ resolution, which blocks the operations of the Board of Directors of the Ligurian Institute, 93.9% controlled after the takeover bid which ended on 29 July. The final verdict of the judges is expected in the coming days. Minus sign for Banco Bpm (-0.85%) and Unicredit (-0.56%), Intesa made little move (-0.07%), while Mps left 1.48% on the field. Little move Tim (+ 0.05%), slight increase for Leonardo (+ 0.4%), Generali (+ 0.53%) and Snam (+ 0.58%). (HANDLE).

Source: Ansa

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