War prices: US crude oil below 90 dollars, gas above 200 euros

Scrapping does not hit targets, collections stopped at 18 billion (ANSA)

(ANSA) – MILAN, AUGUST 10 – Oil and gas contrasted with the implementation of the EU plan to reduce methane consumption in view of the winter squeeze from Russia. US crude oil, thanks to yesterday’s advances on weekly crude oil stocks that will be announced in the evening, remains below 90 dollars a barrel (Wti -1.29% at 89.35 dollars). Brent from the North Sea yields 1.27%, at 95.11 dollars. On the other hand, natural gas is running (+ 5.27% to 202.3 euros per MWh), which returns above the social network of 200 euros, which was last exceeded at the end of last 2 August. Strong rise also on the London market, where more than 4 pounds are requested for a single thermal unit (Mbtu) (+ 5.46% to 428.43 pennies). The prices of durum wheat are also growing (+ 1.25% to 869 dollars per contractual unit of 5 thousand bushels) and of soft wheat (+ 1.16% to 808.5 dollars). On the other hand, metals, apart from gold, stable at 1,791.19 dollars an ounce and aluminum (+ 1.84% to 2,490 dollars a ton), sell. Iron leaves 1.7% at $ 724.50 a ton and steel 0.78% at $ 4,081 a ton. (HANDLE).

Source: Ansa

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