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    Trento is the most expensive city, in Campobasso you spend less

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    Scrapping does not hit targets, collections stopped at 18 billion (ANSA)

    Inflation is skyrocketing for everyone but in Italy there are places where you feel less. If a Trento and Bolzano go the price recordto Campobasso, on the other hand, life costs less than in the rest of the peninsula. There ranking is of the National Consumers Union (Unc), which processed Istat data for July and ordered Italian cities based on price increases. Those of Trentino Alto Adige are in first place, a record that will cost families 2,521 euros more per year. It is no longer just a question of energy increases: Istat has confirmed that the increase in the prices of the so-called “shopping cart”, which reaches + 9.1%, records an increase that has not been observed since September 1984.

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    In Tento and Bolzano, inflation is around 10%, the highest in Italy. In Bologna it is 8.6%, and involves an increase in expenditure of € 2,145, while in Florence there is a + 8.6% for € 2,006 more. The most virtuous city is Campobasso, with inflation of 6.9% and an additional expense for a family of 1,263 euros. Followed by Catanzaro (+ 7.1%, +1.326 euros) and Bari (+ 7.8%, +1.354 euros). In Rome there is an inflation of 7.5%, lower than the national average, with a higher expenditure of 1,756 euros compared to last year. In Naples, prices have increased by 7.6% and spending is increased by 1,538 euros. Lombardy follows, where the 7.7% price increase implies a rise in the cost of living equal to 2,001 euros.

    Waiting for the rate hike decided by the ECB to take effect, Istat confirms the preliminary estimate of July: in the month prices increased by 0.4% on June and 7.9% on July 2021 (from +8, 0% of the previous month). And although the prices of energy goods are slowing down, Istat stresses that inflationary tensions are spreading to other product sectors. The so-called “shopping cart”, which includes food products, for home and personal care, rose from + 8.2% to + 9.1%, registering an increase that has not been observed since September 1984.

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    Coldiretti does the math: Italians will spend 564 euros more just for the table in 2022, not only for inflation but also due to crop cuts due to drought. The prices of fresh fruit increase on an annual basis by + 8.8% – continues Coldiretti – while those of fresh vegetables by + 12.2%. The category for which the most will be spent overall is bread, pasta and rice, with an additional outlay of almost 115 euros, while meat and cured meats will cost 98 euros more than in 2021 and vegetables will increase by 81 euros. (HANDLE).

    Source: Ansa

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