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    Ryanair: O’Leary, goodbye flights at 10 euros, expensive energy weighs

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    Scrapping does not hit targets, collections stopped at 18 billion (ANSA)

    (ANSA) – ROME, AUGUST 11 – Farewell to Ryanair’s super discounted fares. Flights at 0.99 or 9.99 euros are destined to disappear due to the expensive energy that broke out with the war in Ukraine and which also weighs on the aviation sector. This was stated by the CEO of the group, Michael O’Leary in an interview with BBC Radio 4.

    In a very broad speech on inflation, O’Leary explained that the low cost sector – which will resist because people will continue to fly “frequently” – is inevitably affected by oil increases. “I don’t think there will be more flights at 10 euros. Our average fare was 40 euros last year, we will go towards 50 in the next five years. Our super discounted promotional fares, those at 1 euro, at 0.99 or even at 9.99, I think they won’t be seen for a number of years. ” However, Ryanair will continue to have “millions of seats at € 19.99, € 24.99 and € 29.99”. (HANDLE).

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    Source: Ansa

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