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Prices: flights and light at the top rises, three-digit increases

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Scrapping does not hit targets, collections stopped at 18 billion (ANSA)

European flights are on the top step of the top 30 in price increases, followed by intercontinental flights and electricity on the free market.
This is what emerges from the ranking drawn up by the National Consumers Union on Istat data released yesterday on trend inflation in July.
For the top 30 relative to the entire Istat basket, European flights literally took off by 168.4% compared to July 2021 win, in second place intercontinental flights flown by 125.7%.
Bronze medal for the electricity of the free market (+ 109.2%) which beats the protected market which is still in fifth place with a much lower + 57.3%. “For a family – highlights the president of the National Consumers Union – an average sting equal to 690 euros on an annual basis for free against the 362 euros of the protected person”.
The Consumers Union has drawn up three rankings as a whole: in addition to that relating to all goods and services, also the specific one relating to food products, which sees edible oils (other than olive oil), butter and pasta on the podium; and the one on expensive vacations, led by hotels and motels, guesthouses and national vacation packages.

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Source: Ansa

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