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War prices: crude oil keeps, gas down to 200 euros

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Sting on holidays, flights and petrol at the top of the rises (ANSA)

(ANSA) – MILAN, AUGUST 12 – Crude oil is holding and gas slips, which is approaching 200 euros per MWh. This is the dynamics of energy prices in the last session of the week. Wheat prices, on the other hand, fell as exports from Ukraine continued.

The price of oil appears to have changed little, fluctuating between 94.32 dollars per narile of the WTI and 99.9 dollars of Brent in the North Sea. September futures on natural gas in Amsteram fell by 2%, where € 203.74 are requested for one MWh of methane. The drop was similar in London, where 3.94 pounds were charged for each single thermal unit Mbtu of methane.

Minus sign for gold (-0.17% to $ 1,787.97 per ounce) and iron (-0.82% to $ 728.5 per ton), while steel moves against the trend (+ 1.15% at $ 4,127 per ton). Hard wheat is down (-1.07% to $ 882.50 per unit of 5 thousand bushels) and soft wheat (-1.09% to $ 817.25).


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Source: Ansa

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