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    Milan, capital of fines (102 million), followed by Rome at 94 million

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    The taxman does not go on vacation, in August 205 obligations (ANSA)

    Milan is the city of Italy that recorded the highest revenues last year thanks to road fines.
    The data emerge from the portal of the Ministry of the Interior where the reports on the proceeds of the violations of the Highway Code have been published which, by law, local administrations are obliged to deliver to the government by May 31 of each year.

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    A battle over the transparency of the proceeds of local authorities deriving from road fines and their destination, which involved Simone Baldelli, president of the parliamentary commission of inquiry on the protection of consumers and users.

    Sifting through the data relating to the main cities, it turns out that in 2021 the Municipality of Milan collected a total of 102.6 million euros for penalties for violating the highway code, of which almost 13 million thanks to the speed camera alone.
    Rome follows with 94.1 million in revenues (4.6 million for speed cameras) and Turin (41.5 million of which 5 million with speed cameras). The data provided by local administrations also reserve surprises: Naples collects just 27 thousand euros a year from speed cameras installed in the city, while some municipalities (Bari, Perugia, Catanzaro and Campobasso) do not record any income from high fines through automatic speed control tools. . Very different situation from that of a small town in the Dolomites with less than 360 inhabitants, Colle Santa Lucia (Bl), which collected over 552 thousand euros in one year thanks to the speed camera, while the Municipality of Melpignano (Le) earned almost 5 million euros through remote speed control devices, over 2,300 per citizen when compared to the number of residents (2,135 inhabitants).

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    Source: Ansa

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