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Codacons: “The price increases for the holidays continue, it will be a drain”

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The taxman does not go on vacation, in August 205 obligations (ANSA)

The price increases on the summer holiday front continue, and the Italians who will take a holiday this year will have to deal with astronomical increases in prices and rates throughout the tourism sector. This was stated by Codacons, which revised the latest Istat inflation data by analyzing the tariff increases for the travel sector.

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In the last month the rates of airline tickets in fact, have risen by + 160.2% on an annual basis, European flights even increased by 168.4% (domestic ones + 26.9%); ferry prices rose by 9.1%, gasoline increased by 10.5% and diesel by 20%. Renting a car prohibited: rental rates have increased by almost + 25% compared to 2021.

To sleep 16.6% more is spent on average in hotels compared to 2021, while a complete holiday package has increased by an average of 5.7%.

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Very expensive to eat: food prices have risen by 10% in the last month, while bars and restaurants have adjusted their lists on average by + 4.6% and + 4.8% respectively.

They don’t even save themselves pizza and ice cream: a dinner in a pizzeria costs 5.4% more, ice cream parlors and pastry shops have raised their prices by 5%.

Culture is also more expensive: visiting museums and historical monuments costs an average of 3.6% more.

“The 2022 summer holidays will be a drain on Italians, and those who leave will have to put their hands on their wallets by spending significantly more than last year – says the president Carlo Rienzi – Just think that according to Codacons estimates the cost of a 10 days, including expenses for travel, overnight stays, food and services, will go from an average of 996 euros per person in 2021 to around 1,195 euros in 2022, with an increase that could reach 199 euros per capita“.

Source: Ansa

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