Mid-August: shopping cart will be reasoned, promotions boom

(ANSA) – ROME, AUGUST 13 – Also in view of the August 15th, families are turning to products in promotion and ‘brand name’. Thanks to inflation, with the constant increase in prices, the focus is increasingly on a ‘reasoned shopping cart’ and smart shopping. This was revealed by the Observatory of ‘Il Gigante Supermarkets’ (a large-scale retail group that has a total of about seventy points of sale, about fifty of which in Lombardy), highlighting that in the sixty days purchases of promotional goods have increased – compared to the same period 2021 – by 20% and those with the ‘Il Gigante’ brand by 13%. In particular, with regard to promotions, there was significant growth in pasta (+ 15%), rice (+ 10%) and biscuits (+ 10%). Strong orientation also towards products with the ‘Il Gigante’ brand: particularly popular pasta (+ 40%), yogurt (+ 15%), coffee capsules (+ 11%) and in general the bakery and pastry corners, with a constant propensity for made in Italy. “A further relevant element, which confirms these trends – explains the director Giorgio Panizza – is the decisive shift of customer habits towards activities aimed at saving as ‘thematic’ initiatives on a specific day of the week for the purchase of certain types of product, for example fish on Tuesday and meat on Thursday “.

“Finally – continues Panizza – there is a strong focus on products from our country, a decisive factor for the choice of the consumer, who especially for fruit and vegetables, looks favorably on what comes from the territory. In this, thanks to our traceability model in the agri-food sector, certified by the Universities of Milan and Turin, we have really interesting purchase results “. (HANDLE).

Source: Ansa

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