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    are the parents of students satisfied?

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    Geoffrey Branger
    3:07 p.m., August 15, 2022

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    With the adoption of the bill on purchasing power, the back-to-school allowance (ARS) was increased by 4%. In the coming days, eligible parents will be able to receive this aid. But this revaluation does not convince them all. With inflation, they expected a more generous gesture from the government.

    On August 15, 2022, the provisions of the purchasing power package voted two weeks ago in Parliament come into force. From Monday, the state will pay 300 euros, against 200 previously, to buy an electric bike. And, three million families will receive the back-to-school allowance in the face of inflation. It has been revalued by 4%.

    A revaluation of 4%

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    The back-to-school allowance currently varies between 392 and 430 euros per child, depending on their age. This increase is due to the adoption of the Purchasing Power Bill. For Eric Labastie, secretary general of the FCPE (Federation of Parents’ Councils), this measure does not allow the families concerned to fight effectively against inflation.

    “We demand free public education”

    “It is absolutely not enough knowing that just on school supplies, the large distribution groups have meant that they were subject to a 20% or even 25% increase”, he protests. on Europe 1. So, to help all French families who are all suffering from inflation today, the FCPE proposes to make school really free.

    “We, what we expect is that we gradually build free public education in France. We have certain local authorities which provide equipment to children so that all children can have schooling in the best possible conditions”, explains Eric Labastie at the microphone of Europe 1. Small particularity this year: as the revaluation was announced late, the payment of this aid will be made in two installments. On Tuesday you will receive the allowance without the adjustment and at the beginning of September the additional 4%.

    Source: Europe1

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