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    Fraport does not use airport helpers from Turkey

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    The Frankfurt airport operator Fraport does not use temporary workers who are supposed to be recruited in Turkey for a limited period of time. The forces offered through a Turkish staffing agency did not have the expected qualifications, a spokesman for the company said on Tuesday.

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    Among other things, there is a lack of the announced airport experience and knowledge of German. The effort involved in appropriate training does not correspond to the benefit that can be achieved if the deployment is limited to three months. The “Frankfurter Rundschau” reported first.

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    In view of the handling chaos at the beginning of the summer, the associations of the airports and the ground handlers had pushed to be allowed to hire at least 2,000 temporary workers from Turkey on easier terms, for example for baggage services.

    Thousands of flights have been canceled at Frankfurt Airport due to staff shortages in order to stabilize the remaining flight schedule.

    After a vote by three federal ministries, the actually prescribed check as to whether German employees were not available for the jobs was finally dispensed with. After that there was criticism of the allegedly lengthy security checks by the state authorities.

    Frankfurt Airport has stabilized its operations and is continuing its own recruitment efforts, the spokesman said. Since the beginning of the year, more than 1,000 people have been hired, who are gradually arriving in the required functions. The situation will ease further in the fall. (dpa)

    Source: Tagesspiegel

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