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    Paolo Petrucco, head of Icop, involved in the social sector, died

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    (ANSA) – TRIESTE, 16 AUG – Paolo Petrucco, engineer, ‘father’ of the bridge over the Tagliamento river, died at the end of an illness, who transformed the family business into a building giant.

    Born in Cividale, in 1930, and graduated in mechanical engineering in Trieste, he entered the family construction company, the Icop of Basiliano (Udine), founded in 1920 by his father, Alvise. In 1958 he followed the consolidation works of the banks of the Po in Polesine, then built more than twenty bridges on the Mavano al Trasimeno adductor and in 1960 the motorway bridge over the Tagliamento river, with innovative techniques. Since then the company has been transforming and industrializing its processes, also filing many patents.

    Engaged in the social field, Paolo Petrucco started many voluntary initiatives and in 2003, due to the flood in Carnia, he interrupted all entrepreneurial activities to build a bridge in just seven days, saving Pietratagliata (Udine) from isolation. In 2005 he built a bridge in South Sudan with the Civil Protection to connect some villages to schools and hospitals. He then founded a school of arts and crafts for the youngest, as the website of the newspaper Il Messaggero Veneto recalls, and then a non-profit organization. He collaborated with the Civil Protection for a project in favor of L’Aquila destroyed by the earthquake. In 2021 he was awarded the “Udine city of peace” award from the Club for Unesco.

    Today Icop, led by sons Piero (CEO) and Vittorio (president), operates in dozens of countries in international projects. (HANDLE).

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    Source: Ansa

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