Stock market: Milan negative (-0.2%), Iveco, Tenaris and Saipem down

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(ANSA) – MILAN, AUGUST 17 – Piazza Affari turns down at the finish line of mid-session, with the Ftse Mib index down by 0.2% to 22,947 points, again below the 23 thousand mark exceeded yesterday at the end. The differential between German BTPs and ten-year Bunds jumped to 220.2 points, while the Italian yield soared by 14.8 points to 3.273%. The average yields of other European securities rose by more than 11 points, with German Bunds up by 10.5 points.

The main stocks are Iveco (-2.65%), Tenaris and Pirelli (-2.05% both), Banco Bpm (-1.74%) and Saipem (-1.72%).

Buzzi (-1.54%) and Tim (-1.29%) were also weak, together with Leonardo (-1%).

Unicredit reduced its rise (+ 0.32%), while Intesa (-0.7%) turned negative. Campari runs (+ 1.48%), together with the rest of the food and beverage sector in Europe. It is followed at a distance by Amplifon (+ 0.89%), Inwit (+ 0.4%) Italgas and Enel (+ 0.45% both) together with Eni (+ 0.3%). Ferrari also rose slightly (+ 0.29%) unlike Stellantis (-0.77%). Among the smaller capitalization stocks, Vianini (+ 15.39%) and Gas Plus (+ 7%) stand out, while Netweek (-4.75%) and Fila (-3.3%) sell.


Source: Ansa

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