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Stock Exchange: Milan interrupts increases with Stm, Saipem and Pirelli

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The 200 euro bonus paid to 13 million pensioners (ANSA)

(ANSA) – MILAN, AUGUST 17 – Negative session for Piazza Affari that puts an end to a series of four consecutive increases, in the wake of the sales that have affected all the European stock exchanges and Wall Street. The Ftse Mib index lost 1.04%, weighed down by the drops in Stm (-4.3%), Saipem (-4%), Pirelli (-3.3%) and Iveco (-3%).

Tim is still in the red (-2.6%), which retraces again after the leap following the rumors about a plan by the Brothers of Italy for a takeover bid by Cdp. Among bankers in trouble, MPS (-2.4%), which is about to break the threshold of € 0.4 per share pending the capital increase, ahead of Banco Bpm (-2.1%) and Intesa ( -1.4%). Banca Generali slips into managed savings (-2.6%), in step with Nexi (-2.6%) and Interpump (-2.6%).

In contrast to Campari (+ 1.6%), Eni (+ 1%) and the utilities Italgas (+ 0.8%) and Terna (+ 0.6%). (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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