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Stock Exchange: Milan best in Europe with Tenaris, down Leonardo

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Petrol down to 1,770 with the discount, at the levels of January (ANSA)

(ANSA) – MILAN, AUGUST 18 – Good session for Piazza Affari, which was the best stock exchange in Europe: the Ftse Mib index closed up by 1% net to 22,985 points, the Ftse All share up by 0.93% at 25,124.

For the equity markets of the Old Continent it was in fact a day of slight rise: Frankfurt ended up by 0.6%, with Paris up by 0.4%, Amsterdam and London by 0.3%. The only negative list was that of Madrid, which marked a marginal decline of 0.1% in the final.

Well Moscow, which with the Rtsi index in rubles recorded a marginal increase of 0.2%, while the Moex expressed in dollars recorded an increase of 2.2%. Aid to Russian stocks was given by gas, which in Amsterdam closed the session up by 6% to 241 euros per megawatt hour, the highest end of the day ever.

The spread between 10-year BTPs and German Bunds is much calmer: the differential ended the session at 221 basis points, on the same level as the start of the day, with a yield for the Treasury product at 3.3%.

In this context, Piazza Affari was supported by various stocks linked to energy prices, such as Tenaris, which rose by 4.2% at the end to 13.2 euros, or Eni, which grew by two percentage points to 11.9. In the other sectors, Stm did very well (+ 3.2%), with Interpump growing by 2.8%. Banks are generally calm, while Tim and Saipem are weak, both down by 0.7%. A few more substantial sales on Leonardo, who sold the final 1% to 8.87 euros. (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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