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Businesses: SME expectations worsen, 1 out of 3 estimates a decrease in turnover

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The release date of the iPhone 14 has been unveiled, waiting for the folding Galaxy (ANSA)

The recovery in tourist flows this summer was not enough to avoid a slowdown in the recovery. And with the end of the tourist season, the expectations of small and medium-sized enterprises in commerce, tourism and services deteriorate again: one in three – 32% – expects to close the second semester with a decrease in turnover compared to the same period of 2021. Only 18%, on the other hand, estimate growth.
This is what emerges from a survey conducted by SWG for Confesercenti on an audience of associated entrepreneurs active in trade, tourism and services, to assess the expectations and prospects of SMEs in the service sector on the occasion of the renewal of the legislature. To weigh on the turnover, the entrepreneurs point out, it is above all the boom in energy costs – indicated by 28% of the interviewees – and inflation (22% of the indications).
But 26% indicate, among the braking factors, also the long wave of Covid19 and the numbers of infections, which does not allow a normalization of consumption. Therefore, they ask the new Parliament to tackle the difficult phase that is coming: 31% of entrepreneurs report the need to intervene to combat inflation and the effects of the energy rush, with targeted support for families and businesses. And then to resume working to untie the knots that have held back Italian growth in the last twenty years.

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Source: Ansa

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