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Climate: Legambiente, boom in extreme events in Italy, 132 in 6 months

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Italy increasingly subject to extreme climatic events. From January to July 2022, 132 extreme climatic events were recorded in Italy, a number higher than the annual average of the last decade. This is what Legambiente denounces, which today disseminates the new updated data of the climate risk map, within the Cittàclima Observatory.
The overall figure of the last few years is also worrying: from 2010 to July 2022, 1318 extreme events occurred in the Peninsula. The most significant impacts in 710 Italian municipalities.
Specifically, in recent years there have been 516 floods from intense rains, 367 damage from tornadoes, 157 damage to infrastructure from rain, 123 river floods (with damage), 63 damage from hailstorms, 55 damage from prolonged drought, 55 landslides from heavy rains, 22 damage to historical heritage, 17 extreme temperatures in the city / heat waves.
“2022 in terms of extreme climatic events is the red code. Those who are candidates to govern the country for the next 5 years should explain what solutions they want to implement to tackle the climate crisis, one of the main planetary emergencies that risks putting in place the whole planet is knee-deep “, says the president of Legambiente Stefano Ciafani. “If action is not taken as soon as possible – warns Ciafani -, in the next few years we risk both a disastrous social and economic impact, as well as environmental, and also wasting the resources of the NRP”.

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Source: Ansa

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