Stock market: weak Europe awaits the US, Milan the worst (-1.6%)

(ANSA) – MILAN, AUGUST 19 – The stock markets of the Old Continent exceed the half-day mark in decline, weighed down by the rise in producer prices in Germany far beyond expectations and in view of the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy choices. Milan, yesterday the best stock exchange, is clearly the weakest list of the group, with a loss of 1.6% in the Ftse Mib index, also due to the strong tension on government bonds.

Among the other European markets, with operators awaiting the launch of Wall Street with negative futures, Madrid lost one percentage point, followed by Frankfurt (-0.9%), Paris (-0.7%) and Amsterdam, which loses 0.3%. London sways on parity. The bonds of almost all the countries of the old continent recorded a clear rise in rates, with the yield of the Italian 10-year BTP rising by 14 basis points to 3.45% and a spread with Germany at 225.

After a flat start, gas grows 3% to 248 euros per megawatt hour, while the euro is falling again towards parity against the dollar, at a rate of 1.006.

In this context, the declines in Piazza Affari are driven by banking stocks, with Bper, Mediobanca, Banco Bpm and Unicredit losing three percentage points. Tim was also down (-2.3% to € 0.21), with the Recordati holding, which rose by one percentage point. (HANDLE).

Source: Ansa

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