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Milan more expensive for food, in Naples you spend half

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Sales: tourism saves revenues, fears for September (ANSA)

Milan is confirmed as the most expensive city where to shop for food, in Naples it spends about half.
But Aosta holds the primacy of the most expensive services. The figure emerges from a survey by Codacons which compared prices and rates of a basket of goods and services in the main Italian cities, to understand how the average receipt of Italians changes depending on the area of ​​residence.
On the food shopping front in Milan, to fill a cart containing products ranging from fruit and vegetables to fish, about 116 euros are spent, 17.7% more than the national average and even + 54% compared to the cheapest city, Naples, where 75 euros are enough for the same purchases.
For services, from gynecologist to dentist, passing through dry cleaners and hairdressers, Aosta is the city where you spend the most, with an average of 458 euros for an ad hoc basket, 29.7% more than the national average. Among the most expensive cities are also Trento and Bologna while the cheapest, according to the Codacons study, would be Naples, Pescara and Palermo.
There is no shortage of curiosities: for men’s haircuts it is better to move to Catanzaro, where just 14.29 euros are enough against 26.3 euros in Trieste, the cappuccino better in Rome (1.18 euros) than in Trento (1.68 euros ), while the citizens of Turin spend an average of 8.43 euros to wash and iron a suit in the dry cleaners, 25% less than the national average. The cheapest chicken breast is sold in Pescara (on average € 8.82 per kg), the most “salty” anchovies in Rome (€ 9.71 per kg), salmon prohibitive in Milan (almost € 30 per kg) .

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Source: Ansa

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