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The ‘smart’ and cashless mini-market opens in Istanbul

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The price of gas flies, Italian storage close to 80% (ANSA)

(ANSA) – MILAN, AUGUST 23 – A mini-market without cash desks and with ‘smart’ shelves, where you can buy in total autonomy and pay with the app. It is Mimex, a project that from December 2020 sees an international consortium coordinated by Spindox Labs, an Italian company of the Spindox group active in the market of ICT (Information & Communication Technology) services and products for digital innovation.

The project, funded by the European Union, aims to create a new generation of supermarkets, intelligent and automated, for a new way of shopping from a ‘smart retail’ perspective. A system that, thanks to new technologies, makes it possible to monitor the movements and behavior of consumers within the points of sale, helping to optimize the remote management of small neighborhood shops.

The first step was the pilot installation in Trento, in the spaces of the Bruno Kessler Foundation, partner of the project, alongside the Cefla group, specialized in the engineering sector, the Turkish e-commerce operator Hepsiburada, and the Spanish company. of R&D Metrica. “The project is in the final stages. We hope that by 2023 we will be able to open stores in Italy”, says Cristiano Carlevaro, head of research at Spindox Labs, explaining that he had met “many interested large-scale distribution operators, with whom we are talking “.

The first real shop is already opening in Istanbul, it will not only sell food but also consumer electronics goods.

Another facility is under construction in Malaga, at the city’s university campus. Starting from this autumn the partners, concurrently with the closure of the project, will launch the most appropriate marketing strategies in their respective markets. Among the technologies tested, first of all, there is artificial intelligence declined in image recognition: a monitoring system, equipped with electronic components placed on the surface of the shelves to detect the availability of the goods according to refueling operations. And, again, the mobile application to activate feedback through which to customize the customer experience and allow self check-out. (HANDLE).

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Source: Ansa

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