Stock Exchange: Europe awaits Fed with Milan, London -0.3%

Euro splash, now worth less than a dollar (ANSA)

(ANSA) – MILAN, AUGUST 24 – The stock markets of the Old Continent round the half-day mark, oscillating around parity with a slight negative tone: the Madrid stock exchange falls by 0.4%, London by 0.3%, Milan it is filed by 0.1%, while Frankfurt, Paris and Amsterdam are flat.

Moscow’s financial lists are down by 0.4% despite the gas price remaining in tension with a rise of 5% to 282 euros per megawatt hour. The euro is still weak, below par with the dollar at 0.993. European government bonds are also under pressure on fears of inflation, with the 10-year BTP registering a yield of 3.68%, after a peak at 3.71%, and the spread against Germany at 233 points base.

Traders appear to be waiting for the Federal Reserve meeting in Jackson Hole tomorrow to start, but above all for President Powell’s speech on Friday, which should clarify the monetary policy guidelines, with the markets fearing the confirmation of a Fed ‘ falcon’.

In this climate in Piazza Affari, among the main groups, the weakest share is that of Banca Mediolanum, which falls by almost two percentage points, while on the contrary Campari rises by 1.2% after the start of the acquisition of Howler Head Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey. Better is Diasorin, who grows by 1.9%. (HANDLE).

Source: Ansa

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