Gas flies, business alarm. The government studies the measures

The risk of poverty increases in Italy, to 20.1% in 2021 (ANSA)

The price of gas closes for the first time above 300 euros in Amsterdam, the reference market for methane in Europe. Ttf futures maturing in September ended trading up 10% to a new all-time high of € 321.4 per megawatt hour as the three days of Nord Stream’s scheduled closure are approaching.

“Every day we see a rise in the price of gas. The Draghi government can and must intervene.” Thus the president of Confindustria Carlo Bonomi to Tg1. Bonomi specified that industrialists need interventions such as “a ceiling on the price of gas which, if not done at a European level, must be done at a national level”, then “detaching the price of electricity from that of gas, temporary suspension of Ets certificates and reserve a share of the production of renewable energy at administered cost for manufacturing companies as they do in other countries “.

The leader of Action, Carlo Calendahe says: ‘We are in an emergency’, and calls for the suspension of the electoral campaign.

Source: Ansa

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