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    Faced with the energy crisis, the CEO of Système U calls for help for SMEs

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    “There is an urgent need to help and support companies, especially the smallest ones.” guest in France moves this Wednesday on Europe 1, the CEO of System U Dominique Schelcher warned of the economic emergency of French companies, at a time when energy prices are soaring without limit for companies. “As much as individuals are protected by the energy shield, companies are not,” recalls the boss. And if the System U group “will find solutions” and get by, Dominique Schelcher is worried about SMEs.

    SMEs “facing the wall”

    At the microphone of Europe 1, the CEO of System U since 2018 launches a “real call, particularly for the food chain”, in order to find solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises and help them get through this unprecedented energy crisis. “Right now, there are many companies whose electricity contract ends on December 31 of this year who are in the process of negotiating with their energy supplier and who realize that their bills are going to multiply. by astronomical figures”, explains Dominique Schelcher.

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    “I think a lot about SMEs”, continues the CEO, who gives the example of a small endive producer “who paid 76,000 euros for electricity this year” and to whom “we offer 800,000 euros next year” . A real disaster for these companies which cannot cope with this increase of more than 900%. “I have plenty of testimonials from SMEs all over France who are facing this wall of energy prices.”

    “I fear that some will not succeed”

    If the group, for its part, “will show solidarity” and put everything in place to deal with the energy sobriety requested by the government, no solution has yet been found. Dominique Schelcher, for his part, offers several ideas on Europe 1: “We, what we are asking for, on the business side, is for example a different calculation of the price of French electricity”, wishes the CEO of System U. “There is also another track: Spain and Portugal have left [le système européen de l’énergie]and today the price of electricity is very reasonable, why wouldn’t France do that?”

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    Companies are passing a key stage in their history. “The big ones will find solutions, but the smaller ones, alone in their corner… I’m afraid that some won’t succeed. And so, I’m calling for help to be found for these businesses, support, or to be able to offer them a different electricity price”, argues Dominique Schelcher.

    Source: Europe1

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