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Without vaccination in any way? How do Ukrainians get on the Ukrzaliznytsia train after October 21

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As before, to board the train, you need a ticket and an identity document, but a COVID certificate has also been added to them.

Ukrainians can use a vaccination certificate translated into a foreign language / Photo: Collage: Today

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Some Ukrainians from October 21 will not be allowed on Ukrzaliznytsia trains. The country is tightening quarantine for those who have not been vaccinated against coronavirus.

What documents are suitable for boarding?

Ukrzaliznytsia explained that information on vaccination in cannot be used to board the train. Only a certificate of vaccination will do. It can be either paper or created in the “Diya” application.

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You can also use the certificate of vaccination translated into a foreign language.

The carrier clarified that the certificate of vaccination with the drug, which is approved by the World Health Organization, will be considered valid.

In addition, the coronavirus test also gives the right to travel. Such a document is valid for 72 hours from the date of collection of materials for analysis.

Also, as before, you need a ticket and an identity document to board the train.

How will the checks be carried out?

According to the head of the passenger direction of Ukrzaliznytsia, Oleksandr Pertsovsky, the carrier will change the procedure for boarding trains. Now the conductor will check not only the ticket and passport, but also the document confirming vaccination, or the test for coronavirus.

Intercity trains will also check documents at the entrance to the train. Previously, checks were carried out there already during the movement of the train.

“The landing regions are different, the yellow zone or the red one. For the yellow zone, it is enough if it is a pre-dose vaccine, if the passenger has a mark about receiving one dose of vaccine. If this is already a red zone, then you need to have a full course,” – explained the official.

It is noteworthy that employees of the Ministry of Internal Affairs will monitor the legality of vaccination certificates. All guides will be told how the document should look visually. If they notice a fake, they will contact the police.

For the convenience of Ukrainians, Ukrzaliznytsia plans to deploy express laboratories right at the railway stations, where they will be tested for coronavirus. The company is negotiating tariffs.

Who is affected by the new rules

The new rules for interregional transport will affect everyone, but will not apply to minors. They relate to both regular and non-scheduled passenger traffic.


  • road transport on bus routes;
  • aircraft;
  • trains.

The norms will apply to urban and intraregional transportation. The carrier is responsible for compliance with these rules.

Note that the restrictions will not apply to electric trains. Even those that cross multiple areas. That is, you can freely travel to Zhytomyr, Vinnytsia, Rivne regions from Kiev and back.

In addition to the introduction of new rules for the carriage of passengers, Ukrzaliznytsia has resumed international flights to five European countries.

For a complete list of new quarantine rules for rail transport, see our material.


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