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Plastic packaging filled with voids? The CLCV association steps up to the plate

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Barthelemy Philippe
07:57, September 24, 2022modified to

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09:01, September 24, 2022

The 2020 anti-waste law sets ambitious targets for reducing packaging, especially plastic, to protect the planet. However, according to a survey by the national association of consumers and users (CLCV,) published Thursday, some manufacturers continue to abuse plastic packaging.

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Plastic is far from fantastic for the planet. However, some brands continue to abuse plastic packaging, according to a survey published Thursday. The national association of consumers and users (CLCV) scanned 250 food products. It reveals that plastic films, superfluous, were found around certain boxes of tea or chocolate wafers. The association also pins packets of almonds or ravioli that contain up to 55% vacuum.

“A number of products tend to sell empty”

A practice denounced by François Carlier, general delegate of the consumer association: “We have a certain number of products which tend to sell empty. In the packaging, the product only occupies two thirds, even half space. It’s beyond ecology, it’s really a question of trade fairness.”

Fortunately, these misleading packaging only concern a small number of products. The survey awards some good points: pizzas without boxes, white cheeses that have abandoned their rigid plastic lid, to make way for a simple lid.

You will have understood: CLCV seeks to change the consumption habits of the French to encourage manufacturers to reduce their waste production and thus protect the planet.

Source: Europe1

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