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14 percent above the previous year’s value: Gas consumption in Germany is rising sharply

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With the drop in temperature over the past few days, private gas consumption has skyrocketed despite the critical situation – contrary to what the federal government had hoped, despite all the austerity appeals.

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The Federal Network Agency announced on Thursday that gas consumption was 14.5 percent higher than in previous years.

“This week’s numbers are very sobering,” said Klaus Müller, President of the Federal Network Agency. In the first half of September, on the other hand, consumption was still well below that of the years 2018 to 2021.

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“Savings must also be made when temperatures continue to fall,” says Müller. Private households account for around 40 percent of German gas consumption, the federal government estimates that savings of around 20 percent are necessary.

“Without significant savings in the private sector, too, it will be difficult to avoid a gas shortage in winter,” said Müller. The federal government must ask itself once again whether a gas price brake, the abolition of a gas levy and the reduction of VAT on gas are still enough incentives to save.

Up until mid-September, gas consumption was in some cases significantly lower than in previous years. Because private consumers mainly use gas for heating, they have hardly contributed to the savings so far.

The large industrial customers were previously responsible for around 60 percent of German gas consumption. According to the Federal Network Agency, consumption here fell by a nominal 22 percent in August and last week was well below the average consumption of previous years. (Tsp, AFP)

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Source: Tagesspiegel

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