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Bills: sting on electricity + 59%. For families +1,300 euros

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“With an extraordinary intervention, deemed necessary due to the exceptionally serious conditions of the situation, the Arera limits the increase in electricity prices for families still under protection and, while remaining at very high levels, it avoids doubling. The exceptional intervention of the Authority for the fourth quarter of 2022, which is added to the interventions of the Government, although not able to limit the increases, reduced the increase in the reference price of electricity for the typical family under protection to + 59% “.

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“Wholesale gas prices, reached abnormal levels in recent months due to the continuing war in Ukraine, fears over the safety of gas pipelines and financial tensions, would have led to an increase of about 100% “in electricitydespite the intervention of the Government with the Aid bis decree. The Authority, in order to further limit the price increases on households and businesses, has decided to exceptionally postpone the necessary recovery of the difference between the prices estimated for the last quarter and the real costs that have occurred, which are also characterized by increases “he says. the Arera.

The enormous growth in wholesale prices and their remaining at very high levels is reflected in the difference in expenditure compared to the previous year (in the last quarter, the sliding year corresponds to the calendar year). In terms of final effects, the expense for the electricity bill for the typical family in 2022 (January 1, 2022 – December 31, 2022) it will be approximately € 1,322, compared to approximately € 632 in 2021 (the equivalent 12 months of the previous year). The Arera announces it.

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Prime Minister Mario Draghi also intervenes on expensive energy. “The energy crisis requires from Europe a response that allows to reduce costs for families and businesses, to limit the exceptional gains made by producers and importers, to avoid dangerous and unjustified distortions of the internal market and to keep Europe united once again in the face of the emergency“.” Faced with the common threats of our times, we cannot divide ourselves according to the space in our national budgets. In the next European Councils we must show ourselves compact, determined, in solidarity – just as we have been in supporting Ukraine “, declares Prime Minister Mario Draghi.

“No Member State can offer effective and long-term solutions alone in the absence of a common strategy, not even those who appear less financially vulnerable. For this reason, the hope is that common sense and timeliness will prevail in the European Energy Council of tomorrow “. FdI leader Giorgia Meloni writes this in a note.”Faced with the epochal challenge of the energy crisis, an immediate response at European level is needed to protect businesses and families. No Member State can offer effective and long-term solutions on its own in the absence of a common strategy, not even those that appear less financially vulnerable. For this reason, the hope is that common sense and timeliness prevail in the European Energy Council of tomorrow. On this issue of vital importance for Italy, I trust in the unity of all political forces “.

“Prices never seen before” are on the way for Italians’ electricity bills. To say this in the morning by the director of the Energy Division of Arera, Massimo Ricci, with a view to updating the electricity price for the protected market, which was then communicated by the Authority in the afternoon. “Regardless of the percentage increase, it is a percentage that is applied to already very high prices and therefore we arrive at prices never seen before”, explains Ricci, speaking at the Italian Energy Summit of the Sole 24 Ore, underlining how “the prices of the next unfortunately, they will remind us that we are still living in an emergency phase “.

The EU Commission will propose “by mid-October”, after having received the opinions of governments, an update of the temporary state aid crisis framework to continue to support industry and companies

Gas: slips to 186 euros (-10%) after Germany plan

The price of European gas slips to session lows (-10% to 186.5 euros) after the announcement of a 200 billion euro plan by Germany to deal with the expensive gas while the damage to Nord Stream leaves few hopes of a resumption of Russian flows in winter.

Source: Ansa

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