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those motorists queuing to buy fuel

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Louise Douillet, edited by Romain Rouillard
7:57 p.m., October 05, 2022

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Several service stations have not been able to stock up on fuel for several days. The situation is particularly critical at TotalEnergies, victim of a strike movement in its refineries and its rebate at the pump. For the time being, the government refuses to talk about a shortage.

Refueling can take a lot of patience lately. According to government spokesman Olivier Véran, around 12% of French service stations are experiencing supply difficulties with disparities depending on the region. If the government refuses to talk about shortages, it nevertheless recognizes tensions.

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The situation is particularly critical at TotalEnergies, victim of both the strike in its refineries and its rebate of 20 cents per litre. Europe 1 met several motorists in a stormed station in Paris.

“Without fuel, I can no longer work”

“I went to eight service stations before finding this one,” says Pauline, driving a red Renault Clio. To be able to return home, the young woman does not really have any other options. “I was afraid of not being able to recover gasoline, suddenly, I stopped and I came there on foot to recover three liters with cans. And there, I arrive on the reserve.”

In the line, dozens of cars and motorists who honk and sigh. There are also professionals like Mohamed who gets impatient behind the wheel of his van. “I’ve been stuck for at least 30 minutes and I haven’t even gone 100 meters. Just to fill up, it’s really a mess! I work in fiber, I often go to customers’ homes so without fuel, I can no longer work.”

“I didn’t look at the price”

For his part, Renaud spent long minutes touring the capital in search of a station. One thing leading to another, the biker found himself on the reserve. “And I’m lucky to be on two wheels. I took all the sidewalks to slip into the queue. I didn’t look at the price, I have to pick up my daughter and I’m already late .”

At the end of the afternoon, the line of cars stretched for two kilometers in front of this Parisian service station. Presumably, there won’t be enough fuel for everyone.

Source: Europe1

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